Illegal Motion: Super surprise during Super Bowl game

{VignetteMedia id="174DB125011AC527A97F35A63DC2CC15" autoplay="off" aspectratio="1.33" assettitl="Happening+Now+Feb+2" showtitle="yes" width="375" height="281" }Earlier today Jon told you about a ten second porn glitch that caught some Comcast viewers in Tucson, AZ by surprise. Well, I spoke with one of those viewers, a father, who was watching thegame with his family when this glitch occurred.He was suppose to do aninterview with us but was unable to dueit because ofa meeting with a client.This is what he had to say me:" I was very upset with the adult material before me.I couldn't believemy eyes and I had totellmykids to close their eyes and leave the room.I was plenty upset about itand tried tocall the cable company to let them know what happened.I was on thephone for2 hours but was unable to reach anyone.What was a great moment because of the Larry Fitzgerald go aheadtouchdown turned into a parent's nightmare! "