We Ran Out of Time!

IL Gov. Rod Blagojevich got his day in court, er, State Senate today. We all wanted to hear what he had to say, so that pretty much meant our entire 12pm hour got killed. You missed some great stories, though. So here they are:

Where would you move to if given the opportunity? Denver seems to be the city of choice. (Jon Scott must be thrilled...forget San Francisco...Denver is really where he left his heart!) The Pew Research Center found nearly half of people would like to live somewhere else. So where would they go? Straight to the Mile High city. Rounding out the top three: San Diego and Seattle.

Break out the're going to laugh so hard you'll cry (at least, I did). You have to watch this video! A couple of prisoners in New Zealand were handcuffed together for court. I guess they decided not to wait anymore, so they took off. As the made their dramatic getaway, though, they ran into a little problem. Make a note: If you're handcuffed to someone else, and come across a pole, remember that you both have to go around the same side!

This lady should think about opening up amoving company. Look at herracing that U-Haul through southern CA. The police pulled her and another guy over for suspicious activity. Her companion stayed put, but she took off and led police on a high-speed chase. Watch the video...this lady wasn't giving up. Unfortunately nobody else wanted to help her finish her journey. This is just a little clip, but the chase lasted 2 hours.