I'm so lucky! Jane surprised me yesterday with a vat, a tub, a MOUNTAIN of brownies. And not just any brownies from some boring box. These are her patented, made-from-scratch, super-chocolatey brownies with just the right combination of chewy and gooey. I'm not sure what I did to deserve them--I had only mentioned in passing that "it had been awhile" since she'd baked. Whatever--it worked! The crew and I dove in. Most of the mountain was consumed by the time we hit air. There were just a few remaining, conveniently located on a side table that sits to my right, just out of camera range...

Before Happening Now concluded yesterday, I'd eaten four of them. Talk about an energy boost! I've concluded THAT'S what we need to get the economy moving again--feed every American four of Jane's brownies.


Jon Scott serves as co-anchor for "Happening Now." Scott joined FOX News Network in October of 1996, two months prior to its launch. Click here for more information on Jon Scott