Breaking News: POTUS wraps Energy Talk

No questions, no answers... just 10 minutes of how POTUS wants to see things change for states to decide their own emissions standards, for example. It was short with these highlights: POTUS orders fed agencies to improve their own energy efficiency... he ordered the EPA to review the Bush Admin's denial of higher fuel standards in states like California.

Watch for the dissection of POTUS' Green Vision coming up in about 12 minutes-- it's a big story today... my question: How will automakers decipher the laws on emissions from state to state? Won't that cost them a fortune? Oh, wait they have all that taxpayer money.

Also, breaking: Trial begins for that cute little one that went missing in TX... Baby Grace. I talked with the lead detective on that case... he's glad it's going forward but, it's still the hardest of his career.

Gotta go get set in front of the newsroom camera...

H- out