Breaking News Desk: Blogalicious

Yo'... it's started. The hottest breaking news blog... well, actually it's the only one. And, that's good... 'cuz I hate stuff that's stale. That's why I Iuv breaking news... and, can't wait for tomorrow's show 11a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Eastern. I'll be blogging during the show... posting here as news breaks... even before it hits TV!

That's my welcome to the blog note-- yeah... not real big on formalities. Tend to be more stream of consciousness. So...

Still trying to figure out why anyone would doubt Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger after landing that big jet in the middle of the Hudson-- you know, THE MIRACLE. Living in a river town on the Hudson (Jersey side)... neighbors watched the rescue ops from the ferry landing in our hood. Maybe we'll find out the NTSB will actually solve an "unsolved mystery"... Sully's a hero in my book.

'Nuf musing... folo'ing some breaking news on this Sunday afternoon (and, will be watching for late-breaking deets for "Happening Now" Monday Jan. 26th)... President Obama (here on out from me as POTUS) says, "The Stimulus package complete with Tax Relief could reach people's pockets within weeks." Also, Hamas is calling for a year-long truce. Interesting timing... since POTUS is sending an Envoy to mix it up with the Gaza peeps. And, this just in-- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's not saying where but, definately not in her back yard for those terror suspects from Gitmo-- not in her backyard! That's right-- she's ruled out Alcatraz.

Stay tuned-- no really. This is from the Breaking News Desk (BND) and I'm all over this party... YOU KNOW IT.

H- out