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  • Native Creations

    Colorful Abaco Ceramics, handmade in Treasure Cay, are the best bet at Native Creations. The shop also sells beaded jewelry, picture frames, candles, postcards, and books.

  • Plymouth Rock Liquors and Café

    Plymouth Rock Liquors and Café sells Cuban cigars and more than 60 kinds of rum.

  • Sid's Grocery

    This store has the most complete line of groceries on the island, plus a gift section that includes books on local Bahamian subjects—great for souvenirs or for replenishing your stock of reading material.

  • Vert's Model Ship Shop

    This shop has Vert Lowe's handcrafted two-mast schooners and sloops. Model prices range anywhere from $100 to $1,200. If Vert's shop door is locked—and it often is—knock at the white house with bright pink shutters next door. If you're still ...


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