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  • Abaco Ceramics

    Near Treasure Cay Resort is Abaco Ceramics, which offers its signature white-clay pottery with blue fish designs.

  • Abaco Treasures

    At Marsh Harbour's traffic light, look for the turquoise-and-white stripe awnings of Abaco Treasures, purveyors of fine china, crystal, perfumes, and gifts.

  • Iggy Biggy

    This is the only shop in Hope Town that carries the lovely Abaco ceramics handmade in Treasure Cay. It also sells home decorations, handmade dishware and glasses, wind chimes, sandals, resort wear, jewelry, and island music.

  • Native Creations

    Colorful Abaco Ceramics, handmade in Treasure Cay, are the best bet at Native Creations. The shop also sells beaded jewelry, picture frames, candles, postcards, and books.


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