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  • Abaco Ceramics

    Near Treasure Cay Resort is Abaco Ceramics, which offers its signature white-clay pottery with blue fish designs.

  • Abaco Treasures

    At Marsh Harbour's traffic light, look for the turquoise-and-white stripe awnings of Abaco Treasures, purveyors of fine china, crystal, perfumes, and gifts.

  • Albury's Sail Shop

    This shop is popular with boaters, who stock up on duffel bags, briefcases, hats, and purses, all made from duck, a colorful, sturdy canvas fabric traditionally used for sails.

  • Ebbtide

    This shop is on the upper-path road in a renovated Loyalist home. Come here for such Bahamian gifts as batik clothes, original driftwood carvings and prints, and nautical jewelry. Browse through the extensive Bahamian book collection.

  • Fantasy Boutique

    Here you can find a nice selection of souvenirs, beach wraps, T-shirts, arts and crafts, and Cuban cigars.

  • Iggy Biggy

    This store, inside a bright peach-and-turquoise building, is your best bet for hats, sandals, tropical jewelry, sportswear, and souvenirs. If you are looking for gifts to take back home, you should be able to find something cool here.

  • Iggy Biggy

    This is the only shop in Hope Town that carries the lovely Abaco ceramics handmade in Treasure Cay. It also sells home decorations, handmade dishware and glasses, wind chimes, sandals, resort wear, jewelry, and island music.

  • Java in Abaco

    Sip an iced latte or a strong mug of joe while admiring the ceramics, quilts, pillows, carved wooden boats, and other locally produced artwork at Java in Abaco.

  • Joe's Studio

    This store sells paintings by local artists, books, clothing, and other nautically oriented gifts, but the most interesting souvenirs are the half models of sailing dinghies. These mahogany models, which are cut in half and mounted on boards, are meant to ...

  • John Bull

    On the water across from the entrance to the Abaco Beach Resort, John Bull sells Rolex and other brand-name watches, fine jewelry by designers such as David Yurman and Yvel, and makeup and perfume from Chanel, Christian Dior, Clinique, and Lancôme. ...

  • Johnston Studios Art Gallery

    The gallery displays original bronzes by the Johnstons, as well as unique gold jewelry, prints, and gifts.

  • Native Creations

    Colorful Abaco Ceramics, handmade in Treasure Cay, are the best bet at Native Creations. The shop also sells beaded jewelry, picture frames, candles, postcards, and books.

  • Plymouth Rock Liquors and Café

    Plymouth Rock Liquors and Café sells Cuban cigars and more than 60 kinds of rum.

  • Sand Dollar Shoppe

    This shop sells resort wear and jewelry, featuring locally made Abaco gold necklaces and earrings.

  • Sid's Grocery

    This store has the most complete line of groceries on the island, plus a gift section that includes books on local Bahamian subjects—great for souvenirs or for replenishing your stock of reading material.

  • Vert's Model Ship Shop

    This shop has Vert Lowe's handcrafted two-mast schooners and sloops. Model prices range anywhere from $100 to $1,200. If Vert's shop door is locked—and it often is—knock at the white house with bright pink shutters next door. If you're still ...


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