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Ice hockey is nothing short of an institution in Montréal, the city that arguably gave birth to the sport back in the late 19th century. Although variations of the game are said to have been played in other U.S. and Canadian cities as early as 1800, the first organized game of modern hockey was played in Montréal in 1875, and the first official team, the McGill University Hockey Club, was founded in Montréal in 1880. The city's beloved Montréal Canadiens is the oldest club in the National Hockey League and, as Montrealers will be keen to tell you, one of the most successful teams in North American sports history. The Habs, taken from Habitants, or early settlers, as they are affectionately referred to locally, have won 24 Stanley Cups, although they've been struggling in the standings for several years now and haven't won a cup since the 1992-93 season. Nevertheless, Les Canadiens are a great source of pride to the city's sports fans, and tickets for their local games continue to be a hot commodity.

Montréal Canadiens.  The Habs meet National Hockey League rivals at the Centre Bell from October through April (and even later if they make the play-offs). Buy tickets in advance to guarantee a seat. 1909 av. des Canadiens-de-Montréal, Downtown, Montréal, QC, H3B 5E8. PHONE: 877/668-8269 or 514/790-2525. Lucien-L'Allier or Peel.


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