Inside Singapore Airlines Suites Class
Engineer and entrepreneur Derek Low cashed out enough frequent flier miles to get a ticket equivalent to $18,400 to travel from Singapore to New York City in Singapore Airline's Suites Class.">Fox News

Singapore Airlines

In 2008, Singapore Airlines introduced their Suites Class, the most luxurious class of flying that is commercially available.

(Derek Low)

Singapore Suites Class

The interior was designed by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste and comes along with a plush soft leather armchair hand-stitched by the Italian master craftsmen Poltrona Frau. Perhaps most well-known of all, Singapore Airlines became the first and only commercial airline with a double bed in the sky.

(Derek Low)

Changi first class lobby

I had almost forgotten that Changi had a luxurious check-in lounge specially for First Class and Suites passengers. It looks like a hotel lobby, and there's even a bellhop who carries your luggage.

(Derek Low)

The Golden Ticket

Soon, I was in possession of The Golden Ticket.

(Derek Low)

The Private Room

Flying in the Suites also includes an invitation to The Private Room, which the staff was proud to say that it was “higher than first class”.

(Derek Low)

Chicken and mutton satay plate in The Private Room

Entering the confines of The Private Room, the staff greeted me by name. It’s like they all already knew me before even meeting me.

I wasn't hungry but I've heard rave reviews about the dining room. So I sat down and ordered a glass of champagne and had the Chicken and Mutton Satay plate.

(Derek Low)

Burger with foie gras, rocket leaf and fried quail egg in The Private Room

Also the U.S. Prime Beef Burger with Foie Gras, Rocket Leaf and Fried Quail Egg. Oh, and a Mango Smoothie too.

(Derek Low)

Suite onboard Singapore Airlines

I was escorted to my Suite. I picked the middle suite, which can be merged with the adjacent suite to form a double bed.

(Derek Low)

Dom Perignon on board

"Would you like a glass of Dom Pérignon, sir?” And I replied the only acceptable response to such a question: Yes.

Derek's dining room

At this point, the crew members came out to personally introduce themselves to me. Among them was Zaf, who was the Chief Steward of the flight. Zaf told me that there were only 3 passengers in the 12 Suites, and joked that I could have a bedroom, dining room and living room if I wanted.

And so I picked my dining room.

(Derek Low)

Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit

I took this time to check out what was provided onboard the flight. A Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit, which included a full-sized bottle of cologne.

(Derek Low)

Givenchy amenities

Everything else was Givenchy: blankets, pillows, slippers and pajamas.

(Derek Low)

Inflight entertainment

As I settled in, supper service began.

Malossol caviar with lobster-fennel salad

Having stuffed myself with three entrées back in the lounge, I wasn’t particularly hungry so I settled for a 5-course supper.

For appetizer I had the Malossol Caviar with Lobster-Fennel Salad. And after clearing the plate in three bites, I asked for a second plate.

(Derek Low)

Duck foie gras with shaved fennel-orange salad, beetroot and mizuna

On to my third appetizer, I had the Duck Foie Gras with Shaved Fennel-Orange Salad, Beetroot and Mizuna.

(Derek Low)

Fish noodle soup

I picked the Fish Noodle Soup for main course.

(Derek Low)

Vanilla bavarois with raspberry coulis

And Vanilla Bavarois with Raspberry Coulis for dessert.

(Derek Low)

Guided tour of the A380

After supper, I decided to burn off the calories by walking around the plane. I asked the crew if they could give me a guided tour of the A380 and they willingly obliged. We walked up the front stairs to Business Class, down the length of the upper deck, and back down a spiral staircase to Economy Class. Zaf said he'd love to take me to see the pilots' cockpit, but the airline has stopped allowing that in recent years due to security concerns.

(Derek Low)

From airline seat to double bed

In the Suites, you don’t just lie on a seat that has gone flat. Instead, you step aside while the Singapore Airlines flight attendants transform your Suite into a bedroom, with a plush mattress on top of a full-sized bed. When the adjacent suite is empty, the dividing partition can be brought down to create a double bed.

(Derek Low)

Inflight restroom

I paid a visit to the restroom to change into the pajamas provided. There’s a seat that folds down that’s actually more comfortable than most Economy Class seats.

(Derek Low)

Morning cocktail

We landed at Frankfurt for a two hour layover, and the three of us in Suites Class were escorted to the Lufthansa Senator Lounge which had a spa and hot shower.

Getting back on the plane, a new crew was onboard for the flight to New York. It was 8 in the morning and I decided to begin the day with a Singapore Sling.

(Derek Low)

Lobster thermidor with buttered asparagus, slow-roasted vine-ripened tomato, saffron rice

For breakfast, I used Singapore Airlines' Book the Cook service. It allows you to pre-order a specific meal before the flight, which is then specially put onboard the flight for you.

I had the Lobster Thermidor with Buttered Asparagus, Slow-roasted Vine-ripened Tomato, and Saffron rice.

(Derek Low)

Suites class single bed

When it was time to nap, I didn’t want to trouble the crew for a full double bed, so I opted for a single bed instead.

The single bed is plenty spacious on its own.

(Derek Low)

Grilled prime beef fillet

Waking up, I was immediately presented with the second meal I pre-ordered through Book the Cook. U.S. Grilled Prime Beef Fillet designed by celebrity chef Alfred Portale.

(Derek Low)

Back on land

As we finally landed at New York, a huge problem presented itself — I didn’t want to leave the plane. I have to say, after being served Dom Pérignon in a double-suite bedroom at 36,000 feet, I’m not sure flying experiences get any better than this.

But eventually I got off the plane, because New York's not too bad.

(Derek Low)

Inside Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Engineer and entrepreneur Derek Low cashed out enough frequent flier miles to get a ticket equivalent to $18,400 to travel from Singapore to New York City in Singapore Airline's Suites Class.   

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