Top 5 haunted hotels
Add some excitement to your next trip: Plan a spirit-filled stay at an upscale inn known for ghostly guests who never leave.


Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans, LA

The Property: Sprinkled with more than 100 years of history, this hotel—the largest in the French Quarter—has elegant furnishings, a rooftop pool, and a revolving Carousel Bar that has been around (and around) since 1949.

Chill Factor: Guests regularly report hearing children’s laughter in the hallways when there is no one there and seeing the outline of a boy dressed in knee breeches and a collared shirt dart around the corner.

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(Hotel Monteleone)


Local Lore at Hotel Monteleone

Paranormal experts claim to have made contact with the other side here, including a guest who passed away while staying at the hotel. Another sighting: the spirit of a clockmaker who has been spotted day and night near his grandfather clock in the lobby.

(Hotel Monteleone)


Staffer’s Stay at Hotel Monteleone

“After a late dinner, I returned to the room to find my family fast asleep. I whispered, ‘Good night boys’ and immediately saw my cell phone light up on a nearby nightstand. I checked it—no messages or alerts—it had lit up for no reason. Later I learned that a boy ghost is a frequent visitor on the 14th floor. Not that I’m counting, but that’s technically the 13th floor.” —Mamie Walling, office manager

* This photo was created by the hotel and does not depict true events.

(Hotel Monteleone)


Sorrento Hotel, Seattle, WA

The Property: This landmark boutique hotel has hosted locals and tourists since 1909. Inside its original mahogany-lined gathering rooms, guests are pampered with afternoon tea, entertained with live performances, and showered with classic cocktails and local fare.

Chill Factor: Be on the lookout for a female apparition who reveals her presence on the fourth floor or by moving glasses on the bar.

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Local Lore at the Sorrento Hotel

One local claims she saw an odd-looking woman walking past the hotel one evening. The woman was wearing dark-colored vintage clothing and carrying a parasol. Not until later did she learn about Alice B. Toklas, who at the turn of the century lived on the block where the Sorrento stands and is now rumored to wander its halls at night.

(Courtesy of Mary Nichols/Coastal Living )


Staffer’s Stay at the Sorrento Hotel

“Locals in the know fill the jazz bar sofas in its cozy, dark bar to hear some of the best music in the city. My coworker and I enjoyed the history-soaked environs, along with its spooky tales. We eventually fell prey to our vivid imaginations and ended up sharing a room. We’re happy to report that the sofa sleepers in the Sorrento are very comfortable.” –Julia Rutland, senior food editor

(Courtesy of Mary Nichols/Coastal Living )


Kehoe House, Savannah, GA

The Property: Dressed in elegant furnishings and fine linens, this 13-room mansion in the Historic District is within walking distance to many must-sees.  You’ll enjoy gourmet breakfast and quaint afternoon tea, all served with Southern hospitality and grace.

Chill Factor: Two rooms on the second floor have reports from guests who have been awakened by loving caresses of small children.  Other guests have complained of children running and playing in the hallways after hours, when no families with children had checked in.

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(Bed and Breakfasts of Savannah/HLC Hotels)


Local Lore at Kehoe House

Everyone has their own tale, but legend claims that the Kehoe twins, who died tragically at home in their youth, often visit their former rooms to play.

(Bed and Breakfasts of Savannah/HLC Hotels)


Staffer’s Stay at Kehoe House

“If you stay here, you’ll notice the inn is a popular stop on the city’s ghost tours—which says a lot for a town said to be the most haunted city in America.” –Jeff Book, contributing editor

(Bed and Breakfasts of Savannah/HLC Hotels)


Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

The Property: Why stay on land when you can be haunted at sea? This ship-turned-floating hotel lets guests stay in its famous staterooms and commune with spirits of celebrated past passengers, such as Greta Garbo, Clark Gable, and Winston Churchill.

Chill Factor: Spectral spirits (think: the figure of a woman in a 1930s bathing suit) have been sighted on the ship from the engine room to the first-class pool.

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(Courtesy of the Queen Mary/Coastal Living )

Top 5 haunted hotels

Add some excitement to your next trip: Plan a spirit-filled stay at an upscale inn known for ghostly guests who never leave.

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