Malaysia Airlines offers refunds to London-bound passengers

At least one airline is offering full refunds to passengers scheduled to fly to London but now don’t want to travel after the weekend’s deadly terror attack.

Malaysia Airlines told customers they could be refunded in full if they wished to cancel their flights to London in the days immediately after the attack on London Bridge and nearby Borough Markets that killed at least seven people and injured 48 others.

In a statement, Malaysia’s flagship airline said that it “regrets the sad news” of the attack and that customers could refund their flights through to today, June 5, or reschedule flights with no penalty or extra payments.


The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has not changed its level of advice for the United Kingdom following the attack and said travellers should exercise normal safety procedures.

But travelers bound for capital city should be aware their travel insurance may not cover a decision to cancel an upcoming trip in light of the terror attack, Travel Insurance Direct’s travel expert Phil Sylvester said.

“Clearly people about to travel to the UK will be concerned by what’s occurred and weighing up their options: do they go or not?” Sylvester explained. 

“There are some events that, although ‘unforeseen,’ have limited cover under your policy or are not covered at all, and a terrorist attack falls under this.


“We will do everything in our power to assist policyholders involved in this current incident, but going forward, for future visitors, there is no cover for cancellation [of travel plans] or additional expenses due to delay.

“This is because it is impossible for us to estimate the eventual cost of a large scale terror incident, so to keep premiums down for everyone at all other times we exclude such events.”

Sylvester added that Travel Insurance Direct would cover medical expenses and medical evacuation costs due to injury for policyholders involved directly in the London event.

Affected customers are urged to call their insurer’s emergency assistance team right away.

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