Furious heiress sues United Airlines after she was reportedly kicked out of first class

An heiress says she was booted from a first class seat and ordered to sit in economy.

An heiress says she was booted from a first class seat and ordered to sit in economy.  (AP File Photo)

United Airlines sure has a unique way of “re-accommodating” its passengers. We all saw earlier this month how an Asian doctor in economy was manhandled bloody out of his seat to make room for a deadheading United crew. But he was just a measly prol — surely the rich, beautiful elite get world class treatment during their “re-accommodations”?

Well, apparently not if you believe a lawsuit filed by twentysomething New York City socialite Karen Shiboleth. She alleges United Airlines moved her from a first class seat to the back of the plane, without explanation, full refund or formal apology, all while grabbing her arm and calling her a c---.

Shiboleth is best known for her lavish Instagram account and parents’ money, making her a bonafide “Rich Kid of Instagram” who pals around in the same circles as Tiffany Trump and her notorious “Snap Pack” (see her in the picture above with Tiffany herself!).

But all the money and connections in the world couldn’t save her from United Airlines. According to the lawsuit, Shiboleth was inexplicably moved to the back of the plane from her pricey first row “BusinessFirst” seat on a flight from New York City to London.

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A gate attendant, Eunice Daly, grabbed Shiboleth by the arm and shuffled her to a middle seat way in the back (with all its attendant nightmares) while refusing to answer any questions. Daly also attempted to cover her name tag when Shiboleth asked for her name. According to the lawsuit there were even open seats in BusinessFirst.

“Daly — who is not a flight attendant — evidently boarded the plane with the sole purpose of harassing, humiliating, embarrassing and physically accosting [Shiboleth] in front of other passengers,” the lawsuit read.  “While Daly was touching [Shiboleth] without consent and forcing her to the back of the plane, Daly further insulted and humiliated [Shiboleth] by raising her voice and calling Plaintiff a “c---” in front of other passengers.”

As a reward for all the hassle, Shiboleth received a $750 voucher for United Airlines flights, despite spending over $3,000 for the ticket. Shibeloth is now seeking over $9,000 in actual damages and $150,000 in punitive damage.

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