We try on your clothes and other confessions of a shady maid

This week, a secret video of a hotel maid going through a guest’s things went viral. On the tape, the maid went through his luggage, checked out a package he received and tried to get into his laptop.

The general reaction from people was shock. How dare she? The general reaction from the maids we know? Duh.

We crowd-sourced some of the cleaning staff at locations around the country about what they really do while they’re cleaning your room. We don’t think you should really be surprised.

1. We do go through your stuff


Don’t leave it out. Of course we snoop. We use the Internet in your room, we’ll rifle through your jewelry. We look through the clothes you hang up. We’re curious.

2. Sometimes we take your loose change

A pile of various American coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies) isolated on white background.


You’ll never miss it and it can really add up for us.

3. We take pictures of the gross things you do and share them with our friends


We have phones, just like you do and we use them. We take pictures of the nastiest rooms and we share them with each other and your friends.

4. We wish you’d treat us like humans

Maid making bed in hotel room smiling


Just because we are cleaning your room doesn’t mean we are second class citizens. Most guests treat us like dogs. Actually that isn’t true. They treat their dogs better because we have to clean up after them after they keep them in the room all day without taking them out. It is an awful and often thankless job.

5. We wear nose plugs

Woman holding a smelly garbage bag isolated on white background


You stink. Literally. Most of the time you have no idea how bad you have made a hotel room smell because you have gotten so used to it, but we can smell you. We wear nose plugs to block out all the nasty smells of food, feet and unmentionables.

6. We know everything

corridor with carpet in a hotel


Are you cheating on your wife? We know it. We can spot an affair a mile away. You’re lucky we don’t know your wife because we wouldn’t have any problem telling her all about it, but you have no problem hooking up with that twenty-something in the hallway right in front of our face.

7. We expect you to steal shampoo

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So don’t look so sheepish as you sneak up to our cart, look both ways and stuff the extra conditioners, shampoos and lotions into your pocket. Everybody steals shampoo.

8. We try on your clothes

Female black and white clothes on a pole and shoes on a wooden floor.


A lot of you have really nice clothes and if we think we’re the same size we will try on your fancy evening gowns, jewelry and shoes.

9. We steal your drugs

drugs and pills on black background with reflection


One time there was a mound of cocaine in the room and a guest was completely passed out. I called my boss and took a laundry bag of “to-go blow.”

10. We are making fun of you

Set of color compact digital cameras


We are always amazed at the valuables that people leave out in plain sight, even in front of windows with the curtains open: guns, laptops, DSLR cameras and cash. We do have a tendency to make fun of people for bringing too much stuff when they travel and we have been known to admire their good stuff from a distance: cameras, nice cars and boats, etc.

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