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5 locations from your favorite movies that you can visit in real life

The Kauai, Hawaii location where Jurassic Park took place

The Kauai, Hawaii location where Jurassic Park took place  (iStock)

Admit it, you've always wanted to visit a set in Harry Potter's world, and you would give anything to explore the location of were "Jurassic Park" was filmed.

Well, you actually can. Some of your favorite movies were filmed in locations that you can actually visit in real life.

Visit the homes of some of your favorite childhood stars, stay overnight in haunted hotels, or even explore jungle-like paradises from a galaxy far, far away. 

For all of you movie buffs out there-- or those of you who just appreciate a beautiful scene-- these are just a few of the many locations from your favorite movies that you can visit in real life.

  • 1. The firehouse from Ghostbusters

    The firehouse from Ghostbusters


    Ghostbusters fans will be happy to know that they can visit two different locations where the original hit movie was filmed.

    Visit 14 North Moore Street in New York City to view the Ghostbusters headquarters; it's home to an operational New York Fire Department firehouse. Also check out 225 E. 5th Street in Los Angeles to see the interiors where the movie was filmed – yup, it's another firehouse.

  • 2. The X-Mansion, X-Men

    The X-Mansion, X-Men

    Hatley Castle & Gardens

    Professor X’s private home is located in Salem Center, New York. However, the building used in the movies is Hatley Castle, which is located in British Columbia. 

    Fun Fact: The castle is also where the TV series "Smallville" was filmed.

  • 3. The tropical setting, Jurassic Park

    The tropical setting, Jurassic Park


    Have you ever noticed that "Jurassic Park" offers some of the most incredible backdrop scenery in any movie?

    If you want to visit, travel to Kauai, Hawaii where it was filmed. Unfortunately, you won't see any dinosaurs roaming around. 


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  • 4. Yavin Iv, "Star Wars"

    Yavin Iv, "Star Wars"


    If you want to see where the Massassi Outpost base on the fourth moon of Yavin was shot, visit the Mayan temple ruins in The Tikal National Park in Guatemala.

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