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Dangerous cities you should never tour alone

Detroit may be coming back, but it's still one of America's most dangerous cities.

Detroit may be coming back, but it's still one of America's most dangerous cities.  (iStock)

Many people are leaving their homes and embarking on new exciting adventures. Solo traveling seems to be the new big thing (Most Incredible Trips for Solo Travelers). While this sounds like fun, it’s important to take precaution and research your travel destination before you head there.

Some places need to be avoided due to their dangerous conditions. For instance, crime has become common world-wide, but increasingly common in these hazardous cities.

According to The Economist, “Venezuela is in turmoil,” its capital Caracas had the highest murder rate in the world last year.

If you dare to travel to these cities, make sure you are with someone else. It’s always better to have two sets of eyes looking out. This offers increased safety and protection against the unknown.

The world can be a dangerous place, don’t face these dangers alone. 

1) Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is feared due to kidnappings, robberies and assaults. The U.S. Department of State issued a warning about traveling to certain places in Mexico due to threats and safety. U.S. Passports & International Travel explains, “U.S. citizens have been the victims of violent crimes, such as homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery by organized criminal groups in various Mexican states.” If you absolutely have to travel to Mexico City, make sure you are with someone else. The risks are too high to be traveling alone.

2) Detroit, Mich.

Although Detroit is trying to make a comeback; it is still considered one of the most dangerous cities. Robberies, sexual assaults, murders, break-ins and drugs are controlling the streets. According to, “in 2015, Precinct 9 had 46 homicides, two more than 44 in 2014. In 2013, there were 43 homicides and 2012 there were 52.”

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3) Lima, Peru

Tourists and locals are warned about the risks of visiting and living in Lima, Peru. Fortunately, actions have been made to make it a safer city but there are still dangers to be aware of. Street crime is very common especially in areas with a lot of tourists such as the central plaza. Make sure you travel with another person; it’s wise to have two separate sets of eyes roaming about while walking the streets. Pickpocketing and fraudulent financial transactions are common.

4) New Delhi, India

Not only is New Delhi one of the dirtiest cities in the world but it is also a dangerous destination to travel to alone. The city is huge, with a population of over 12 million people. Therefore, crime does occur and theft is very common. According to TripAdvisor, “pickpockets thrive in crowded areas such as markets as well as bus and train stations.  Women should keep purses or bags close to their sides and men should store wallets in front instead of rear pockets.”

5) Memphis, Tenn.

Never travel through Memphis alone! In 2015 the FBI ranked Memphis as the 3rd most dangerous city in the nation. It is believed a lot of the crime is a result of their poverty rate (under 28 percent). Burglaries, larceny, motor vehicle theft and arson are common.

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