Tiny houses have captured our imagination. Thanks to a constant stream of new TV shows about living small, Americans are talking about downsizing their living spaces.

But dreaming is one thing and doing is another, and that’s why vacation rental companies like Airbnb and HomeAway are seeing a boom in tiny house rentals.

“Our customers say that renting a tiny home is a cool way to try out small-space living,” says Jon Gray, chief revenue officer at HomeAway. “The beautiful thing about renting vacation homes is that travelers get to try new experiences, and right now it is certai­­nly hot to stay in a tiny home.” 

From guest houses built out of sheds … to dollhouses with a view of the sea … to a tiny geodesic dome dwarfed by redwoods, these nine properties offer a taste of tiny-house living without ­­­­­­the obligation.