A Chinese tourist who tried to kiss a python was bitten on the nose instead.

On Jan. 9, Jin Jing, 29, was visiting Thailand's Phuket Biotechnology's office in Tambon Chalong Muang Phuket, which puts on a show and illustrates how products are made from snakes.

A video clip posted online shows two men during a show calmly holding the python as the woman leans over to kiss it.

People in the crowd are heard screaming as the three-year-old, 5 ft-long python leaps at the woman, grabbing her nose and holding tight while she tries to pry it off. Phuket Biotechnology lets visitors take pictures with the snakes during the show for souvenir photos.

Phuket News reported that she was taken to a local hospital where she received treatment. Thai media published a photo they said was of the woman, who reported has returned home to China, with several stitches in her nose.

The company apologized, saying the incident was a mistake, and was forced to $3,200 in damages to Jin.  Police and Phuket Tourism and Sports officials have launched an investigation into the group and have warned against unsafe "cowboy" animal shows.

In Oct., a tourist was mauled by a tiger at Tiger Kingdom in Phuket, a park that lets tourists pet the big cats.  In Jan., another tourist was bitten on the leg at the Chiang Mai Crocodile Park by a crocodile when she took a photograph at close range.