Looking for a great winter getaway that won’t break the bank?

Today, TripAdvisor announced their top 10 destinations for North American travelers looking for a hot deal in a warm climate. 

Site analysts calculated the average one-week costs for hotels, airfare, meals and various activities across popular destinations in the U.S. and Mexico as the weather cools down. 

But not all dates are created equal. 

TripAdvisor also calculated the least expensive week to visit—so you can book the rock-bottom price for your trip. 

January is considered the “sweet spot” for scoring a great travel deal since it's right after the busy holiday season but before busy spring break when hotels and airfare starts to rise. Travelers can usually find the best deals earlier in the year-- but a few locales have their cheapest offerings early March.

The average nightly hotel and activity rates have been calculated from prices booked through TripAdvisor. The average hotel rate includes the average cost of a seven night stay during given  window and activity prices are based on bookable single-day tours per person available on TripAdvisor via Viator.

Top 10 Winter Destinations and Average Trips Costs

  Destination Avg. Nightly Hotel Rate Avg. Domestic US Roundtrip
Avg. Meal Cost Avg. Tour  Cost Avg. Cost of a
One-Week Winter Trip
1. Las Vegas, Nevada $163 $369 $31 $75 $2,302
2. Cancun, Mexico $235 $494 $20 $89 $2,733
3. Orlando, Florida $185 $342 $22 $67 $2,229
4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $431 $571 $25 $95 $4,312
5. Key West, Florida $476 $497 $18 $52 $4,308
6. New York City, New York $264 $315 $32 $58 $2,942
7. Playa del Carmen, Mexico $309 $494 $16 $101 $3,186
8. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico $363 $542 $19 $83 $3,637
9. Fort Lauderdale, Florida $242 $336 $27 $37 $2,667
10. New Orleans, Louisiana $227 $379 $24 $39 $2,591


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