Are you a native Bostonian living in Los Angeles missing the brilliant colors of fall? 

Now you can enjoy all those reds, yellows and browns without giving up that West Coast sun because a company will ship real fall foliage right to your door., which launched Tuesday, is the brain child of Massachusetts native Kyle Waring. The service promises buyers to find “gorgeous fall foliage,” preserve it and ship it right to you.

For $19.99, customers get a bounty of three beautiful leaves. Yes, that’s right, three—which roughly comes out to $6.60 per leaf.

“When I was looking at foliage, I didn’t see anywhere that sold foliage, and it seemed like an untapped market,” Waring, who also works in digital advertising, told the Boston Globe.

“Grade A” leaves are carefully collected from real New England trails—or maybe just Waring’s backyard—cleaned, and preserved with ammonia and glycerin, which the company claims will keep them colorful, glossy and bright for many years. The “bundle” of leaves also comes with a handwritten note.

While some may scoff at the hefty price tag for something that is free for most East Coasters, Waring says he believes there is  a genuine opportunity to spread the joy of fall around the country.

“There are people who want to share some of the foliage with their friends and family, people who have lived in New England and don’t have access to it anymore, leaf-peepers of all types, really,” he said.

This isn’t Waring’s first time trying to capitalize on New England’s weather. When Boston was hit with record snow fall last winter, the budding entrepreneur found a way to ship real snow across the country and sent it to people in search of a genuine winter experience. That venture was called “Ship Snow, Yo.” Waring would not disclose how much he made from that business.

But does he think there’s a profit to be made from capitalizing on New England spring and summers?

Not yet.

“I think for those I’ll just enjoy my time off from working,” Waring says,  “because it’s a lot of work to manage these businesses.”