While most air travelers are seeing their frequent flier awards disappear, some elite passengers are seeing perks get more fabulous.

A new program from Delta lets its best customers upgrade from a commercial flight to a private jet. Bloomberg reports that the carrier’s “Diamond Medallion” fliers are eligible to pay $300 to $800 extra to use Delta Private Jets, the private jet unit operated by Delta and fly in luxurious comfort while being surrounded by just few dozen passengers.

“This is truly a groundbreaking new approach from both industry standpoints,” Delta Private Jets vice president of operations James Murray said in a statement. “Nobody else can do what we’re talking about doing.”

Delta has 66 light, midsize, super-midsize and large jets in its private jet fleet, but initially the number of private jet flights will be small and focused mainly at Delta’s East Coast hubs.

Flier won’t have long lines at check in or Transportation Security Administration security to deal with and the service will include transportation to an airport's private aviation area and complimentary on-board catering.

The move comes amid growing competition for elite business travelers among private jet companies, like JetSmarter that are trying to position themselves as the Uber of the skies.