Over 20 percent of travelers willing to pay for early deplaning, survey finds

Would pay more to get inside the terminal faster?

Would pay more to get inside the terminal faster?  (iStock)

It turns out many air travelers are willing to pay for certain extras, despite the ever-increasing list of fees airlines are piling on consumers.

According to a new survey from FlightView—a branch of U.K.-based company OAG which provides aviation information and analytical services to related industries—22 percent of airplane passengers would be willing to pay yet another fee for being able to deplane earlier than their fellow riders.

FlightView surveyed over 2,300 travelers across the U.S. during June. Of those surveyed, 37 percent considered themselves to be business travelers while 63 reported traveling only for leisure.

The study, aimed at providing airlines and airports more insight as to how to generate alternative revenue streams, also uncovered that the biggest amenity passengers are willing to pay for is inflight WiFi and streaming capability, with 64 percent of survey respondents indicating this was important.

Half of survey respondents indicated they would be willing to be pay extra for electrical charging stations at their seat.

And though the majority of travelers—about 60 percent of all survey respondents—indicated they would be willing to pay for extra amenities, an even higher rate of millennials (75 percent) said they would shell out extra dough to be able to stay plugged in and get out on time.

Check out the full survey results.

Courtesy FlightView