Lion makes a stunning kill in front of shocked tourists

Two lions enjoy the massive kudu kill.

Two lions enjoy the massive kudu kill.  (YouTube/World News)

Most tourists on safari spend hours driving around in hopes of catching big game doing something exciting.

This was not one of those days for a group of tourists visiting South Africa's Kruger National Park last Friday.

Carolyn Dunford, who is completing a research internship at the park, was part of a lucky caravan of tourists who came upon a lion going in for kill right in the middle of traffic.

“I think I had been driving for about 45 minutes and at about 7:45 a.m., I saw a group of cars crawling along,” Dunford told the Daily Mail. “I pulled up with them and there were the two lions walking towards me. One of them saw the kudu [type of large antelope] in the bushes and I saw the lion crouch.”

As traffic slowed, many reportedly rolled down their windows to get a closer look. Dunford grabbed her camera and began taking a series of action shots as the lion pounced.

“The kudu burst from the bushes and the lions chased it into the cars,” Dunford recalled. “The first lion grabbed onto its back and the second came in and grabbed its throat. They both tackled it.”

Dunford said after spending the past year studying the wildlife at Kruger, she's leaned that it's all part of the “circle of life.”

Check out the full action here.