Passengers have a lot of grievances when flying these days but it turns out one of the top problems is totally preventable.

A new study conducted by GO Airport Express, via Mashable, confirms what we all knew about smelly food on plane—most people really don’t want it near them.

While many airlines have done away with complimentary meals and even snacks, most people agree that fliers should think twice about the food choices they whip open mid flight.

Patrick Stewart may have been joking around on his recent Jimmy Kimmel skit, but 48 percent of survey respondents say they think its downright rude for people to bring food with strong odors on planes, while 12 percent say airlines should actually ban guests from brining on stinky grub.

Some of the 248 respondents even said that guests should be allowed to request a seat change in the event of being seated next to a person bearing an especially pungent snack.

Men and women have slight differing opinions on food with strong odors. Fifty-two percent of women said that bringing smelly food onboard is rude, while 43 percent of men agreed. But more men—18 percent—think the practice should be banned.

Thirty-one percent people said they had no opinion about smelly food and nine percent claim people should be allowed to bring any type of food they want on board—probably the same people munching down on tuna fish sandwiches as they responded.