When you’re talking first-class airline luxury, amenities like lie-flat seats and gourmet menus often elicit polite responses of the “Oh, that’s nice” variety. But now some Mideast-based airlines are taking luxury flying to new extremes so ridiculous, so crazy, you can only gasp, shake your head, and say, “That’s just sick.”

We’re going to see such sick extremes this week.

On Dec. 27, Etihad Airways will debut the first of 10 Airbus A380s that feature The Residence — a three-room suite complete with bedroom, bathroom, and its own dedicated butler. This inaugural Residence will be on the Abu Dhabi-to-London route. Price of a one-way ticket: $21,000 (still a bargain compared to a private jet, which could easily run into six figures).

Meanwhile, Etihad’s UAE rival, Dubai-based Emirates, isn’t taking this bedroom-suite news lying down. It has been dropping hints that it’s about to unveil an airborne bedroom suite of its own.  

Let the other guys fight over legroom and Wi-Fi; these two Mideast airlines are fighting over who can offer the most (with apologies to The Jeffersons) “deluxe apartment in the sky.”