We admit it: When we step into an airport to travel for the holidays, our celebratory Christmas candles and menorahs transform into a very short fuse. Maybe it’s being wedged in amid throngs of harried, frazzled people — many of whom are in a tremendous hurry. Or maybe it’s because we’re lugging enough suitcases and presents to give each of Santa’s reindeer a hernia. Or maybe it’s because, between the crowds and the winter weather, flying this time of year is one huge, and frustrating, crapshoot.

Either way, it’s all enough to make even the most family-oriented, Christmas-spirited among us say: “Screw this noise. I’m going home.”

So the last thing we holiday travelers need is to deal with those annoying people who just don’t know, or care, about the proper way to navigate an airport. Here are the people we find the most annoying. If you find yourself on this list, please try to fix yourself soon. We also have places to go, and we’re already stressed enough. We don’t want to straight flip out on you during the holiday season; we’re trying to stay off Santa’s naughty list.