It's that time of year when the garlands come out and lights grace the corners of every shopping mall and home. But not everyone got the Martha Stewart touch. 

These ugliest Christmas trees makes Charlie Brown's tree look fancy. 

1. Beaded and bedazzled

Somehow this tree manages to suffer from too much and too little. The owner went overboard with the pearl beading, and while we applaud the unique take on décor, the dripping effect looks like the handiwork of a toddler playing in their mother’s jewelry chest. The lighting feels similarly disheveled but with just three apparent rows the effect is underwhelming.

2. Leaning tower of tree-sa

This sad looking tree seems to have given up on the holidays. With sparse branches and a trunk that curves perilously to one side, we’re not sure this tree will make it Christmas Day.

3. Fluffy white mess

The decorators of this tree may be dreaming of a white Christmas but this is overkill. The green branches are barely visible beneath layers of gilded candy canes, white flowers and mounds of fake fluffy snow.

4. Candy canes and nothing else

This poor tree would have been better off left in the woods. A few sad looking blue and white candy canes swing aimlessly from its otherwise healthy branches.

5. Dare to bare

The owner of this unusual tree knows it’s a bit of an oddball. More of a collection of branches than tree, the overall effect is somewhat whimsical…or just a little sad. Props for unique, and evenly spaced, blue lighting.

6. Robot mannequin tree

Creepy or creative? This humanoid design is accented by arms and a large white head as a topper. The tree itself has some beautiful decorations but the man or machine theme has us scratching our heads.

7. Weeping willow tree

This tiny tree may have been a neat idea gone wrong. The sagging branches can barely hold the few ornaments the owners have set on it.

8. Totally upside down tree

Ok. This tree isn’t really ugly at all. But it’s on the ceiling. How the owner managed to achieve this gravity-defying feat beats us. Let’s hope no one attempts to pull it down before Dec. 25.

9. Downtown Reading, Pennsylvania tree 

This much maligned tree was light up in mid Nov. and nearly thrown out before Reading residents intervened. Though it was initially compared to Charlie Brown Christmas tree after making national headlines, the misshapen Norway Spruce has now been turned into a symbol of holiday hope and humility. The town has even experienced an increase in tourism since the tree's installation.