In an effort to advertise its latest promotion, Malaysia Airlines inadvertently sent out a tweet last week that offended many in the social media sphere.

“What to go somewhere but don’t know where? Our Year-End Specials might just help!#keepflying” the airline's official Twitter account @MAS posted. According to Yahoo News, the tweet was intended to hype a new offer with special deals for travelers who need inspiration for their next trip. But the unintentional reference to flight MH370, which has been missing since March of this year, set Twitter users off.

Realizing the gaffe, Malaysia Airlines quickly deleted the original post and issued an apology directly to many of its followers that tweeted at the airline:

“Our tweet was intended to inspire travelers during this holiday period to explore destinations and deals. We apologize for any offence it may have caused & have removed it!”

Some called out others for being too sensitive to the incident and airline retweeted their thanks to supportive followers.

User @jono_dubs, Jonathan Wong, posted "Don't understand all the haters blasting #mas for their promotions? Some people are trying."

@MAS replied, "Thanks for your support."

Unfortunately for the airline, this is the second social media misstep in the wake of two tragedies. In September, Malaysia Airlines ran a contest called “My Ultimate Bucket List” just a few months after its flight MH17 crashed, reportedly hit by an air missile in Ukraine.