New app lets hotel guests find companionship on the road

Meet up for work drinks...or something more?

Meet up for work drinks...or something more?  (iStock/HelloTel)

Looking for a little companionship on the road? 

A new app, called HelloTel, claims to make finding a friend at your hotel a snap. 

Billed as “The Travelers Social Network,” guests use the HelloTel app to check into their hotel and indicate whether they're there for “business” or “socializing.”   Once checked it, users can search for happenings in the area and can reach out to people either on the public forum or in a private message.

Users can create personal profiles or can link directly to LinkedIn or Facebook. And if someone nearby seems a little too friendly, the app has a blocking feature that prohibits users from messaging or viewing your location.

[youtube KUMpXCal6_o]

HelloTel is one of several apps that allow travelers to expand their business and social network on the road. Wingman and help people hook up with other passengers at the airport or on a flight, while an app called butN displays the profiles of professionals who want to make friends that are within close proximity to you. 

Whatever happened to making small talk at the hotel bar?