Where you live determines where you travel, new study finds

Map details where people like to travel internationally.

Map details where people like to travel internationally.  (Hopper)

Think it’s just a coincidence that your neighbor starts planning a Mexican beach vacation right after you get back from Cancun?

It turns out where you live can predict where you might travel.

In a new survey conducted by Hopper, a flight pricing search engine, researches compiled data based based on online searches for international destinations by state. They did not look at the highest overall searches but rather the highest percentage of international travel compared to national average searches.

Hopper found that people in the Midwest are most likely to go to Mexico for international trips while those along the West Coast are more likely to travel to Asia—no surprise given the proximity.

East Coasters like to vacation in the Caribbean and Latin America, with the exception of Massachusetts. Residents of that New England state flock to Ireland.

Heritage may also play a role in where people decide to vacation as New York, which has a large Dominican population, searched for flights to the Dominican Republic 50 percent more than the average American. 

And searches to Poland show up 239 percent more frequently than in other states, which be due to Chicago's status as the third largest Polish city in the world, behind Warsaw and New York City.