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Teen passes out three times on terrifying slingshot ride

One passenger just can't seem to handle the excitement.

One passenger just can't seem to handle the excitement.  (YouTube screenshot/Jordan Van Schalkwyk)

Some people just can’t handle the thrill of being hurled almost 400 feet into the air.

Magical Midway, a thrill park in Orlando, is home to the Sling Shot, which according to the park website, catapults riders at a G-force of 3.5.

A recent video making the Internet rounds shows a terrified passenger screaming for his life then quickly passing out as the excitement proves too much.

He wakes up, looks around, then passes out again. And again.

The teen was riding with his friend Jordan Van Schalkwyk, who initially posted the video, according to the Daily Mail. Van Schalkwyk looks over at his fellow passenger and realizes he’s not awake and appears amused. The unnamed passenger lets out a blood-curdling scream which promptly knocks him out for a final time.

“He fainted three times!” Van Schalkwyk tells operators as the ride is brought back down to the ground.

Though comical, the extreme reaction can be found in multiple ride videos posted online. Looks like passing out may be the best way to avoid the terrifying experience of extreme thrill rides altogether.

[youtube kkRYo80sPVc]