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New travel report says we’ll be vacationing on the Moon by 2024

Underwater hotel rooms will become mainstream.

Underwater hotel rooms will become mainstream.  (Skyscanner)

Ever wonder how travel may change in 10 years.

Skyscanner, a U.K. based travel search engine, thinks it has some answers --and it's spectacular. 

The company has just released their latest report titled The Future of Travel 2024. In it, they envision supersonic aircraft that will allow passengers to get from London to Sydney in just two hours—a journey that currently  involves multiple layovers.

Taking a trip to the deepest depths of the ocean will be just as mainstream as going to the beach, with more the proliferation underwater hotel suites, such as the Poseidon at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.


And space travel won’t just be for billionaires. According to the report, “Orbital space travel will be the next hot ticket and commercial companies are lining up to make it a more affordable proposition.” Projects include colonies from companies like SpaceX and The European Space Agency and architecture firm Foster + Partners.

As the race for space picks up, Gareth Williams, CEO of Skyscanner is even predicting extended stays on other planets and the Moon. 

“I suspect we’ll see the habitation of Mars and the ambitions of Mars One or Elon Musk’s vision coming to fruition before space travel becomes common enough and cheap enough to be affordable for the majority,” Williams said in the report.


Shopping will be an entirely digital experience in the future. Skyscanner

The report is the work of Skyscanner editors, travel experts and international technology experts to provide a total analysis of how travel will look in the next 10 years. The entire report investigates everything from hotel trends, to destinations, food and futuristic hospitality offerings.


With all these new findings, how’s a world traveler to decide where to go?

Luckily, according to the report, hotels of the future will be able to provide instant relief to jet lagged travelers with Vitamin-C infused showers and customized room lighting so you can be at your best right away.

The report was released just in time for World Space Week which runs Oct. 4- 10.