KLM is using puppy power to reunite customers with the items they left on planes.

The Dutch airline announced that it is starting to use the services of an adorable beagle aptly named Sherlock for its Lost and Found service at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport.


Sherlock, who wears a vest, is sent down the concourse to sniff out rightful owners after they've disembarked, returning items like cell phones, stuffed animals and books.

"Our main goal is to return lost items to the owner as fast as possible," Sandra List, a member of KLM's "Team Lost & Found," said in a YouTube video explaining the new program.


The airline says that through a combination of vigilance, social media -- and now Sherlock -- they're able to return 80 percent of the items they find on planes, in a release Tuesday.

Sherlock's trainer, Dirk van Driel, said the beagle is trained for "muscle strength, endurance, and of course socialization. When you see the reactions of the passengers, that really is amazing."

The dog has become somewhat of a celebrity at the airport. Customers pose for selfies with him and one woman who works on KLM's check-in desk said: "He drops by regularly but I have to admit I do spoil him a bit."

Check out Sherlock at work.

[youtube NK-T_t166TY]