Airplane secrets revealed: This is where your cabin crew sleep

  • Where crew members can relax.

    Where crew members can relax.  (Boeing)

  • A pilot catches up on the day's news in a Boeing 777 rest area.

    A pilot catches up on the day's news in a Boeing 777 rest area.  (Boeing )

If you’ve ever flown on a long flight, you’re probably trying to catch a few zzz’s before reaching your final destination.

But it’s not just the passengers that need a little shut eye during these extra-long flights. Have you ever thought about where the crew sleeps?

An independent  travel correspondent recently went behind the scenes to check out some of the secret, crew-only areas of a Boeing 777. These spaces include crew lounge areas, eating spaces and sleeping arrangements. 

A hidden staircase at the back of the plane, leads crew members up to a separate area of the plane, designated for off-duty crew. Follow a narrow passageway into in an RV-like sleeping area with beds (real beds, not seats that recline) are laid out end to end.

Not every airplane has the same configuration for crew areas. On Boeing 787 Dreamliners, plane crews can take a nap in a cozy padded den area situated in the rear of the craft. According to the Daily Mail, lucky pilots get their own spacious sleeping quarters.

If you think airlines are holding out on passenger comfort to give their crew more spacious digs, think again. As you can see from the video, crew quarterss are often just as cramped as many economy cabins.

But at least they don’t have to worry about sleeping next to strangers.

[youtube pk2V0BnEvLY]