No towels in your hotel bathroom? Just call the robot butler

Meet your robotic butler.

Meet your robotic butler.  (Aloft hotels)

Starwood hotels is going high tech with a brand new staff member.

Meet A.L.O., Aloft Hotels’ first Botlr, short for robotic butler. A.L.O. will be rolling down the hallways of Aloft’s Cupertino, California location later this month helping guests with everything from finding missing newspapers to delivering fresh towels.

The robot stands just three feet tall and is sleekly outfitted in a modern interpretation of the butler’s black and white uniform. A.L.O. (pronounced “el-oh,”) is outfitted with cameras and sensors to detect walls and other obstacles. It will be tasked with simple duties like making small room deliveries and moving linens and towels from the laundry to guest rooms or fitness centers.

But this robot isn’t just an emotionless drone. According to an Aloft hotel press release, A.L.O. will be a personable “employee” that possesses  “a sense of humor similar to Rosie from The Jetsons and a discernible work ethic comparable to Wall-E.”

Savioke, the Silicon Valley design team behind the robot, paired with Aloft to create a device that would increase efficiency but blend right in to the hotel’s tech-friendly atmosphere.

Brian McGuinness, senior vice president for Aloft’s parent company Starwood Hotels, told the New York Times A.L.O. isn't meant to replace humans, but that doesn’t mean the robot can’t appreciate a little positive feedback.

But instead of monetary tipping, guests can give A.L.O. feedback after their service on the flat display panel on top of the robot to review their service.

Check out A.L.O., in action.

[youtube i3LnSiNnwDI]