American Airlines ending first class meal service on most short trips

Airline food usually doesn't live up to first class expectations.

Airline food usually doesn't live up to first class expectations.  (iStock)

No longer will first class passengers be able to gloat about their special airline food when flying from Denver to Dallas.

The recently merged American Airlines and US Airways will no longer offer a full meal service in the first class cabin for flights under 700 miles. Approximately the distance from Washington to St. Louis. (Denver to Dallas is 663 air miles, by the way).

Starting on Sept. 1, first class passengers will receive “a light snack such as a fig bar, cookies or pretzels” while passengers on most flights up to 999 miles will be served a “heartier selection of snacks such as sandwiches and fresh fruit.”

Looks like extra leg room and slightly more attendant staff will be the only bonuses on short first class trips, though it appears the airline is prioritizing some mid-distance trips-- flights less than 1000 miles-- over others.

According to the American’s dining options page, the airline will “continue to provide an enhanced meal service on some of our most popular routes.” 

Those routes include Chicago O’Hare to Boston Logan, Miami to Houston Bush, and New York’s JFK to Orlando.

Looking for more than mixed nuts in the sky?

It looks like all first and business class flights over 1,000 miles (about 2 hours 45 minutes) come with a traditional three course meal service --for now.