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This Texas man may be America’s most patriotic tourist

A patriotic conclusion to a nearly two-year long journey.

A patriotic conclusion to a nearly two-year long journey.  (YouTube/Riceman2011)

Just in time for Independence Day.

A Texas-based traveler may be able to call himself America’s most patriotic tourist after posting a video that showcases him waving the U.S. flag in all 50 states.

YouTube user riceman 2011 claims to have spent one year, nine months and two days traveling to all 50 states – including Hawaii and Alaska- to create a 90 second video.

“I was lucky enough to visit all 50 states by myself and I waved an American Flag in each,” riceman2011 posts in the video comments.

Each state is shown in reverse alphabetical order during the clip. He also poses in front of iconic American sites like the Arch in St. Louis, Millennium Park in Chicago and numerous state highway signs. Riceman2011 says that he originally hails from Texas and that he loves all the states “except maybe one,” but waving a flag in all 50 states certainly takes some patriotic determination.

Now that’s the spirit.

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