Lego couple documents world travels from pint-sized point of view

Breakfast on an Australian beach. An afternoon stroll in Paris. A midnight party in Thailand.

Many only dream of traveling to some of the world’s most exotic destinations, but for one lucky set of Legos, that dream is a reality. This plastic pint sized pair has done it all.

The LEGO Travellers began when Craig McCartney, a Scottish travel enthusiast, came across his childhood Lego collection while clearing out his mother’s attic. The little toys reawakaned McCartney’s inner kid and he decided to purchase new pieces to build the Lego village of his childhood dreams.

Just as his Lego obsession was kicking into high gear, McCartney was inspired to put something together for his girlfriend’s-- Lindsay Haggerty-- upcoming 30th birthday.

“We like to travel as much as we can and whenever we visit a new city or go somewhere on holiday, I always have the camera for taking pictures and Craig carries the map and a bag with all our things,” Haggerty told  “So he made two Lego minifigures to represent us - Lego me with the miniature camera and Lego Craig with the map and rucksack!”

The first stop for “Lego Lindsey” and “Lego Craig”? A trip to one of the most romantic cities in the world— Paris.

The couple posted the pics to a Facebook account, which Haggerty admits began as something of a joke. But since that first trip, they started gaining more followers and fans, eager to see the Legos on vacation. Their Instagram and Facebook accounts both have well over 7,000 followers.

“We generally take alot of pictures anyway, but now we enjoy including our Lego counterparts in our shots - and always get a great response from our fans,” says Haggerty.

The real life and Lego couple have since been to eight countries, including Portugal, Denmark, Spain, Thailand and Malaysia. They are currently exploring the best sights and beaches of Australia.

While the couple has enjoyed traveling to every destination, Haggerty thinks their current trip has certainly been their most prolific.

“We have taken so many pictures so far.  We try to be creative when thinking of new shots to take, and come up with something a little bit different each time."