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Atlanta Botanical Gardens exhibits giant animal-shaped sculptures

The Atlanta Botanical Garden has an amazing display of giant animal sculptures made from hundreds of thousands of plants.

In its second year, Imaginary Worlds: A New Kingdom of Plant Giants, is the largest exhibition of living plant sculptures ever displayed in the U.S.

From a beautiful 25-foot-tall Earth Goddess to four frolicking frogs, the 28 larger-than-life plant sculptures were created from nearly 200,000 plants using a meticulous process called mosaiculture--a stuffed topiary technique.

The magical sculptures are formed by imbedding plants into soil and moss filled netting, which covers a molded steel structure.

Other animals include a grazing unicorn, a friendly ogre, gigantic cobras, enchanting rabbits, and a couple of flighty butterflies.

The exhibition is the work of the nonprofit International Mosaiculture of Montreal and is on display from May until the end of October. Click here for more.