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See how easy it is to break into locked suitcase

Breaking into a  suitcase is terrifyingly easy.

Breaking into a suitcase is terrifyingly easy.  (YouTube/bosnianbill)

Every so often, travelers are reminded that it can be a miracle when your checked luggage makes it back to you in one piece.

A YouTube video is making Internet rounds that shows the age-old trick to opening a locked suitcase in seconds. 

Even more disturbing, it's done with a common, everyday tool:  a ballpoint pen. After the loot is taken, it’s just as easy to make the suitcase look like it's never been broken into. 

Security experts have been warning travelers about this trick for years. 

Luggage makers are coming up with all kinds of high-tech gear to fit more in more stuff or to make it easier to drag it around.  But they've yet to come up with a sure-fire way to solve this potential theft problem. 

Current TSA regulations allow agents to physically inspect any item that passes through the electronic screening with problems. The agency recommends approved locks that can be easily opened with a master key.

But this video shows that even with a lock, pretty much anyone can get into your stuff.

[youtube tbpKhHwwtiY]