These days people will resort to looking like a fool if it means getting a little shut eye in coach.

Two designers have created a cleaver but strange looking device that gives fliers some privacy and a place to lay your head during long flights.

Designboom reports that the B-Tourist works like a gigantic elastic strap that tucks behind the headrests on your seat, and the seat in front of you, creating a ring of privacy while flying. 

Created by designers Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka— it has plastic rings you can slide back and forth that adjust the size of the material to give more or less privacy. 

It even has hidden pockets for electronics, sunglasses and other items you don't want in the seat pocket in front of you. 

The B-Tourist's cross-connecting straps allow you to use the giant elastic as a comfortable headrest for some shuteye. 

Because it's made from flexible fabric, the B-Tourist is easy to throw in carry-on. 

Now you'll never have to see your seatmate's angry glares again.