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Daring photographer creates self-portraits from heart-racing heights

For photographer Jun Ahn, getting high is just part of the job.

The South Korean artist, who grew up in the States, perches high above cities and cliff tops to create daring self-portraits that show what it’s like to live on the edge.

Ahn’s heart-quickening shots show her body dangling over the skylines of New York, Hong Kong and Seoul, and cliffs in Australia and Japan.

Ahn, who is currently studying for a PhD in photography at Hongik University in Seoul, began working on the series, titled Self-Portrait, in 2008 and since then her images have been displayed in galleries around the world.

She said her inspiration for the series came while she was growing up in New York.

“There was a day I recalled my time of my adolescent years,” she wrote in her artist’s statement. “At that time, I was sitting on the edge of my apartment in New York and looking over the cityscape… There was a sudden change in my perspective on life and death, present and future… That was the start of my project.”

An exhibition of this series will appear at the Christophe Guye Gallery in Zurich, Switzerland in October.

Click on the slideshow above to see Ahn’s arresting images.