This takes under the sea to a whole new level.

Authorities from Guinness World Records confirmed that the newly opened Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is now officially the world’s largest aquarium. 

The massive tanks within the theme park hold a combined total of 12.87 million gallons of water, according to Guinness World Records officials, who were on hand at the public opening this Saturday. Four additional world records were also bestowed on the park, including the world’s largest aquarium window, world’s largest aquarium tank, world’s largest acrylic panel and world’s largest underwater viewing dome. The dome spans an area over 39 feet, and allows guests to wander through the exhibit while fish completely surround guests. 

The attraction boasts seven unique park areas that represent different fresh and salt water aquatic life.

Located near Macao on the island of Hengqin, Ocean Kingdom took three years to build. The park contains ocean-themed rides, hotels, a 5-D cinema (with moving seats and other sensory additions) and a circus, the Daily Mail reports.

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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom was designed by the same company behind Hong Kong’s Grand Aquarium and the Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xi’an.

The theme park is expecting to house even more animals and aquatic life in the future including ten whale sharks, tropical spotted dolphins and Chinese white dolphins.