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Personalized temperature control on every Virgin America flight? Not so fast

Adjust your inflight seat area to a balmy 75 degrees.

Adjust your inflight seat area to a balmy 75 degrees.  (Virgin America)

Virgin America is known for their unique in-flight technologies like seat-to-seat chat and updated gaming consoles, but their latest announcement could be the best airline innovation yet for anyone whose ever suffered through a freezing ride across the country.

The company announced via its blog that it would be partnering with Nest Electronics to create personalized cabin climate control.

“Ask any of our InFlight Teammates what the most common request they get is, and they’ll tell you that it’s to turn the heat in the cabin up or down…Starting this month, we’ll begin integrating Nest technology into our seatbacks via the new Total Temperature Control (TTC) feature,” Virgin America stated.

The new system purports to allow customers optimal temperature control, for comfort as well as acclimatizing to whatever weather awaits at his or her final destination.

Sound too awesome to be true?

Unfortunately, it is. April Fools. Looks like new TTC feature was all an elaborate joke but that won’t stop us from daydreaming about a more comfortable flying experience in the not too distance future.

Check out the company video below featuring Sir Richard Branson himself that explains the wonders of this “new technology.”

[youtube Y1nzWY3JFJQ]