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Woman uses Twitter to reconnect with lost love from flight

Love is literally in the air.

Love is literally in the air.  (AP)

Oftentimes, we can’t get away from flight seat mates fast enough. But for one New York City woman, a recent flight to Calgary may have been the best day of her life.

Emily Domesek felt as though she had met the man of her dreams on an American Airlines flight from Dallas, according to the NYPost. Unfortunately, she was not able to get his last name before disembarking. 

So she did what any modern gal would do. Tweeted the airline for help.

Initially the airline was hesitant to help, responding with a quick "We hope your paths cross again." Domesek was not easily dissuaded. The DIY entrepreneur continued to tweet at the American Airlines account. 

And persistence pays off. She finally managed to get the company to join in on her personal quest for romance. Though they did not contact the man directly due to privacy regulations, the airline tweeted out to their 785,000 followers for a little help from a virtual cupid. 

After a few more attempts, the man known only by his first name Clauco was tracked down by a friend who worked at an Apple Store, the Post reports. Though the airline did not officially bring the couple together again, they tweeted their well wishes.