And the most unreliable flight in the world goes to…

Wiz Air

 (Wiz Air)

If you love hearing the announcement that your flight has been delayed or canceled, make sure to book your next trip on the Wizz Air Flight W62206 from London Luton airport to Budapest, which has recently been given the title as the world’s most unreliable flight.

EUclaim, a website that offers compensation to delayed passengers, has recently released figures that the flight has left on time once since last summer.

The flight has a total of 293 late departures in a row and has been delayed by anything from two minutes to 12 hours and 18 minutes since June 1. 

Flight data specialists at EUclaim also reported that passengers experienced a total of 176 hours of waiting time while en route to the Hungarian capital.

According to the Telegraph,Wizz Air claimed that the departure times do not qualify as delays under industry standards applied by the U.K.’S Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which "define all flights departing within 15 mins of the scheduled departure time, as on time."

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A Wizz Air spokesman told Telegraph that according to that definition, 73 per cent of the 295 departures Flight W62206 has made since June 1 last year were on time.

In total, the airline operates 28 routes from London’s Luton airport. According to Wizz Air’s spokesman, since November of last year, 88 percent of flights leaving Luton arrived punctually.