Airlines are making every effort these days to keep passengers entertained during the routine safety instruction video. But let’s face it, we still zone out.

One Virgin America flight attendant wanted to make sure he had everyone’s attention by taking matters into his own hands, according to The Daily Mail.

As the lights dimmed aboard a flight headed to San Francisco, attendant Michael Tongko started to silently lip synch and dance along with the new choreographed airline safety video, prancing up and down the aisles while incorporating the signature safety rules of fastening a seatbelt and adjusting an oxygen mask.

In a video captured by passenger Zac Bowling and posted online, Tongko continues to mouth the words in the safety video, jumping into the air and gyrating like a pop star. Tongko even shakes his hips as he secures an inflatable life vest around his waist. 

While many airplane guests seem a little less than enthused at the beginning of the impromptu show, by the end it’s clear the crowd is entertained and even wowed by the flight attendant’s moves. The show finishes to hollers and a wild round of applause.

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Looks like Virgin America is vying for the title of world’s most dance-friendly airline.

Check out the side-by-side comparison below.

[youtube uB1TwudcTlc]