Hotels with the most unusual guest keys

These hotels have thought of the most unique keys. From carved wood to embossed gold, some are such works of art, guests may be tempted to take them home.

  • 1. La Residence Hotel & Villas

    La Residence Hotel & Villas

    Courtesy La Residence Hotel & Villas

    Franschhoek, South Africa

    Matching the property's opulent décor, keys at La Residence Hotel & Villas are made of embossed gold and bedecked with sizeable tassels. The glitzy attachment might add glamour, but it also serves the practical purpose of keeping guests from accidentally taking their key home.

  • 2. Zero George Street Hotel

    Zero George Street Hotel

    Courtesy Zero George Street Hotel

    Charleston, South Carolina

    Solid brass room keys for 19th century Baldwin locks at the Zero George Street Hotel in Charleston are engraved with a sleek signature “O” that adds a contemporary touch.

  • 3. The Draycott Hotel

    The Draycott Hotel

    Courtesy The Draycott Hotel

    London, United Kingdom

    Nestled in London's Chelsea district, The Draycott Hotel plays on its British charms with antique keys labeled with the names of English playwrights and actors. Each room pays tribute to theatrical luminaries of the past like George Gershwin, C.S. Lewis, and Vivien Leigh.

  • 4. Hotel Castello di Casole

    Hotel Castello di Casole

    Courtesy Hotel Castello di Casole

    Siena, Italy

    The image on Hotel Castello di Casole's brass key holder echoes the cypress trees that line the Tuscan property's entryway.

  • 5. The Inn at Little Washington

    The Inn at Little Washington

    Courtesy The Inn at Little Washington

    Washington, Virginia

    Handmade by Amish artisans in Ohio, the leather tassel key rings at Virginia's Inn at Little Washington are also adorned with a glass logo rosette akin to those used on dressage show halters.

  • 6. Raffles Hotel Le Royal

    Raffles Hotel Le Royal

    Courtesy Raffles Hotel Le Royal

    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Brass key chains at Raffles Hotel Le Royal are engraved with letters representing room numbers to ensure guest safety, as well as the official emblem of the Royal Palace of Cambodia. The hotel is one of two properties permitted to use the royal logo.  

  • 7. Hotel Vermont

    Hotel Vermont

    Courtesy Hotel Vermont

    Burlington, Vermont

    As Burlington's first independent hotel, Hotel Vermont has worked to cultivate local partnerships with artisans. Artist Duncan Johnson designed the room keys and original artwork for the hotel by crafting geometric compositions from reclaimed wood found in his home state of Vermont.

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