Heathrow airport security confiscates mini gun from 'Toy Story' Woody doll

  • The Woody doll being patted down at Heathrow Airport.

    The Woody doll being patted down at Heathrow Airport.  ( John Hazen)

  • Woody heading home via Heathrow after the ordeal.

    Woody heading home via Heathrow after the ordeal.  (John Hazen)

  • Woody at Placa d'Espanya in  Barcelona.

    Woody at Placa d'Espanya in Barcelona.  (John Hazen)

Don’t mess around with airport security when it comes to guns, even if it’s a tiny toy gun.

Security staff at Heathrow airport confiscated a miniature six-shooter from a Woody doll from “Toy Story” fame because they thought it was a terrorist risk.


The doll’s owner John Hazen snapped a picture of Woody's pat down as it was happening.

“The guy said 'we have a serious problem with your bag. There’s a metal shape object in your bag that looks like a gun,'” Hazen told 

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He said that the security agent was very cordial and even checked with his superiors to see if they had to confiscate the gun.  They ultimately did, but left Woody to be on his way.

Hazen said he posted the image on Reddit, with the caption, "security just confiscated his 'weapon, “keep the world safe boys...,” and then got on the plane.

A few hours when he landed in California, he was met with a flurry of comments on his post, with many criticizing security staff for being overzealous --or mocking the situation.

"I'm just imagining what it would be like if he tried to hijack an airplane with that small gun. People squinting looking at his hand," a user named Groonz wrote.

A user named duseinsha wrote, "Pathetic. What happened to common sense?" 

Heathrow Airport refused to comment but said that the Department For Transport draws up security rules.  Security experts often caution that terrorist typically hide explosives in everyday items.

The toy gun, which doesn’t come with the doll, was part of a cheap novelty key chain Hazen attached to the doll's belt.

Hazen often travels with the doll to create stories and scenes for his son, Dylan, 7, who is obsessed with Disney and “Toy Story” and wants to become an imagineer when he grows up.  Many scenes of Woody’s travels are photographed and posted on his blog, What Dylan says.  Originally the blog was designed to document the funny things that his son says, but has since been a site for the antics of his son's toys.

Hazen says, similar to the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, he sets up Woody and his vast collection of Disney characters and creates a scene for his son to find when he wakes up the next day. 

Hazen said he's never had a problem bringing Woody through airport security before.

“I brought him through Heathrow and never had a problem. I've taken him to New Zealand, Montreal, Barcelona, at least 30 cities.”

Maybe he should stick to the lasso.