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Moscow district hopes to lure tourists with Hobbit village

A district in Moscow wants to built a Hobbit-inspired village.

A district in Moscow wants to built a Hobbit-inspired village.  (Warner Bros.)

New Zealand hasn't cornered the market when it comes to real-life Hobbit villages.  

Moscow's Zaraiskiy district has reportedly posted a proposal on its government website for several projects to lure tourists to the area that includes a Hobbit village inspired by British author J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle Earth.

The Moscow Times reports that the list of projects on the website also includes a "Sleep Clinic" sanatorium and "Hunters Lodge" recreation base in addition to the "Village of Hobbits." 

Few details were given about the layout for the fantasy land of the hairy-toed creatures of "The Lord of the Rings" fame, but the prosed village will be be about 11 acres along the Osyotr River. The Times reported that the complex will have houses designed to look like hobbit dwellings, and would be designed for families and for use as corporate retreats.  Visitors would also be able to get involved in the "life of gnomes" through participation in "stylized games" centered around battles and adventures. 

Zaraiskiy has reportedly been trying to create entertainment spaces for urban dwellers to escape the city.

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